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Beata in Variety Magazine BRIDGING THE GAP

With more than 20 European films under her belt, Polish actress Beata Pozniak was known overseas, but not in America when she arrived in 1988. "Women in Film enabled me to meet interesting people to learn from and keep in touch with the film community both locally and internationally," says Pozniak, who went on to featured roles in "JFK," "Young Indiana Jones Chronicles," "Wild Palms," "Mad About You" and "Melrose Place." After her two years with WIF, Pozniak has been appointed as chair of WIF International, where she is spearheading an effort for a domestic International Women's Day, a European holiday honoring women and raising awareness of women' s issues. With that proposal now before the White House, Pozniak hopes to expand WlF's international growth by some 50 chapters in a year-including those in Ghana, China and Taiwan. She also formed a committee of foreign-born women in entertainment to maintain contact with the film and television communities in their native countries. "This is our connection to the kind of films beings made and co-production opportunities," she says.

Daily Variety, November 10, 1993, by Sue Karlin. Photo: Charles Bolongie

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